Our aim is to build a highly productive open-source community for food-technology where curiosity, knowledge sharing and hands-on collaboration provide the basis for tackling the challenges that exist with the world’s current food systems.

CPH Foodtech Community has 2 legs:

  1. Running hands-on open innovation projects for tangible foodtech progress
  2. Co-developing a thriving foodtech ecosystem together with existing stakeholders.

We focus on action to get people actively involved in building the food solutions of tomorrow.

We do things in an open way, where all knowledge is shared, patents are extinct and the people who actually make things happen get to decide. The community consists of do’ers: entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, makers, food industry professionals etc. – generally the people who are passionate about food technology and want to make an impact.


Our first hands-on open innovation project: Growstack.

With growstack, we enable anyone to gain hands-on success with advanced vertical farming from day one.

Visit Growstack.org and get more info.

Growstack Project Partners:

  • IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers)
  • Nextfood (aeroponic plantproduction startup)
  • CPH Foodtech Community.