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Do I need a subscription to access the National Review website?
The National Review website is available for free, and some content published each day on the website is also available for free. Non-members are limited to this free content and a few premium articles per month, while NRPLUS members have full access. The latest digital magazine is always premium content. The remaining content on the site, including podcast archives, magazine archives, cartoon of the day, and conference call replays are locked for NRPLUS members only.

Is National Review on social media?
Yes. Find National Review on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Does National Review offer RSS feeds for website content?
Yes. You can follow our content with this RSS feed:

Where can I listen to National Review podcasts?
The best place to listen is on our website. You also can find us wherever you listen to podcasts.

When are new issues of the digital magazine available to subscribers?
Digital editions are usually available to subscribers by Friday morning during a print week. NRPLUS (digital) subscribers typically see new issues well in advance of print subscribers, who must rely on regular mail delivery.

How can I access National Review’s magazine archive?
National Review’s digital archives are available here. This archive includes issues published within the past eleven years. While anyone can scroll through covers and view each issue’s table of contents, only NRPLUS (digital) members can access the contents.

Are printed back issues available?
Yes. To request back issues of National Review magazine, call our customer service line at (800) 464-5526. Anyone can purchase back issues, and copies are $5.99 each.

How can I manage my subscription?
If you are an NRPLUS member and wish to reach your account page, click the top right LOGIN prompt and login with your NRPLUS credentials (email + password) if you are logged out, or click the top right HELLO (YOUR NAME) prompt if you are logged in. After clicking HELLO (YOUR NAME), click the red “Customer Care site” link. You will be directed to your Customer Care account page, where you can update your address, payment information, password, and more.

National Review print subscribers can manage their subscriptions by clicking here and following any of the several account-login options. After reaching your Customer Care account page, you can report missing or damaged issues; change your delivery address; renew, cancel, or suspend your subscription; update your mailing or payment information; and more.

If you purchased a subscription to National Review magazine via Barnes & Noble/Nook, Amazon/Kindle, Apple News+Blendle, and/or Readly, you will need to manage your account and purchases from these platforms.

I lost my password. How do I recover it?
Click here and enter the e-mail address associated with your NRPLUS account. In your e-mail inbox, retrieve your new temporary password, and then log into the site using your e-mail and that password. Once logged in, navigate to the customer care page, click Change Password, and follow the instructions from there.

I have an NRPLUS membership. How do I join the NRPLUS Facebook group?
You can join the group one of two ways. One: Navigate to the NRPLUS Facebook group’s page and click ‘Join Group.’ Enter your e-mail when prompted. You will be approved shortly. Two: E-mail from the e-mail address associated with your NRPLUS account. If you use a different e-mail for Facebook, mention that in your e-mail. You will receive an e-mail from Facebook shortly with a link to join the group.

How do I update the username that displays with my comments?
Click on the comments icon within an article to open the comments panel, click “Edit Profile” at the top of the panel, insert the username of your choice, and click “Save Profile.”

I am an NRPLUS member, but I am having trouble logging into the app. What should I do?
Please e-mail We will be happy to solve your app login issues.

I have a question about canceling my subscription.
E-mail customer service here to inquire about your options.

Does National Review publish newsletters? How often are they published?
National Review publishes several free e-mail newsletters, both daily and weekly. Click here to see our full newsletter offering.

I signed up for your newsletters — why am I not receiving them regularly?
Check that they are not landing in your junk or spam folder. If this is the case, open the e-mail and select the option to remove the filter blocking the content.

Does National Review have an app?
Yes. The National Review app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

What is the difference between an app subscription and an NRPLUS subscription?
An NR app subscription provides full access to all content on the National Review app, including the latest opinion articles and issues of the digital magazine. The app does not include full access to the National Review website. For full app and website access — in addition to many more benefits — you must become an NRPLUS Member. To subscribe to NRPLUS, go to

Can I sign into the app with my NRPLUS credentials?
Yes, you can login with your NRPLUS credentials by going to the Profile tab and tapping “Sign in.” Doing so will give you full app access.

Does an app subscription allow me to access all the content on the National Review website?
No. Full National Review website access is only for NRPLUS Members. To subscribe to NRPLUS, go to

Please note: When you purchase an NRPLUS subscription through the National Review website, you’ll also enjoy an ad-minimal reading experience, article commenting privileges, access to the members-only Facebook group, exclusive invitations to National Review conference calls and events, and more.

I am an NRPLUS Member, but I am having trouble logging into the app. What should I do?
Please email We will be happy to assist.

I’m an NRPLUS member. Can I comment on National Review articles on the app?
Commenting is supported on only. The NR app does not support commenting.

Can I purchase the digital version of the magazine on the app?
Yes, digital versions of the latest issues of National Review magazine are available for purchase on the app for $1.99. Follow the prompts to purchase when accessing magazine content.

Is National Review magazine available as a PDF?
Yes. A PDF version of the latest issue of the magazine is available online for NRPLUS subscribers here.

Where else is the National Review magazine available online?
Many third-party readers and apps, including NookKindle FireApple News+Blendle, and Readly, offer National Review magazine. Across all versions, the content in the National Review magazine is the same, despite differing presentations.

Where can I learn about the next National Review cruise?

How can I advertise with National Review?
Find advertising information and the latest NR media kit here.